About Transfer Cyprus

Our story

TRANSFER CYPRUS is a local company with physical presence in Cyprus. You can find many transfer services on search results; top ones are mostly based in Europe and offering services in Cyprus on commission basis. They neither own a single vehicle in Cyprus nor they have never set foot in Cyprus. They rely on their marketing capabilities to reach customers and strip a good lump of fees from local taxis and transport companies, leaving very little or no profit for the actual ones who serve you! Unlike them, we maintain our own fleet of cars; we do not pay out commissions to these big companies and we reflect those savings to you as discounted fares. By booking your transfer through us, not only you are supporting the locals, but also saving on unnecessary commissions to be paid to big corporations.

We provide, cost efficient and reliable, luxury private transfers to and from all airports of Cyprus. You can save up-to 50% by booking in advance, online at our website; with NO Hidden costs.

Our fully insured and fully serviced vehicles range from Saloon Mercedes-Benz E-Class to 8-seater Mercedes-Benz Vans for large groups. We value customer satisfaction and will do our best to achieve it. The booking system also offers secure 3D credit card payment options so you don't have to process cash or changes.

Our services cover the whole island. We provide transfers from Larnaca and Paphos Airports to Northern Cyprus. We also provide transfers from Ercan Airport to all resorts in North Cyprus and again from Ercan airport to hotels in South Cyprus. By receiving your transfers online in advance, we save costs like having to maintain vehicles at airports. Also we arrange our departures and arrivals in such times that our vehicles go to the airports with passengers and come back with passengers. We do not pay huge commissions to big internet companies. This saves us a lot of cost and we reflect these savings to our passengers directly. These allow us to offer prices up to 50% cheaper than airport taxis.