Frequently Asked Questions

Before you book

How do I make a booking on your website?

Use the form on the main page to enter your arrival and return dates. When you start entering the pick-up location, the form will be filled out automatically. Then enter the location of the dropoff. Please select a place of departure. If you need a round-trip transfer, do the same for your return information. Select the number of people and proceed to the next step. If you cannot find the exact location, enter the closest location. You can then enter exact pick-up location details in notes section on last step of the booking. However, if you have any questions, please Contact Us.

If you proceed to step 2, you will be asked to select a vehicle. Vehicles are displayed according to the number of people selected in the first step. 4-seater vehicles are only available when traveling with less than 5 people. Once you have selected your vehicle, the final step is to enter the details. Fill in all required fields to ensure a hassle-free transfer experience.

Once you complete all booking steps, your details are in our database. You will instantly receive an email from us with the details of your reservation. However; the booking is not confirmed until at least an advance payment is made. The link to payment form is provided at the last step of the booking, as well as your dashboard, which you can access from main menu. System will automatically create an account for you, so you will need those credentials to access your dashboard. The credentials are mailed to you as soon as you complete the booking steps. Please make sure you add [email protected] to your safe list, so that the email does not get lost in your spam folder.

How and when do I pay for my transfers?

As soon as you make a booking, you need to make a payment to secure it. You may pay this online with your credit card. We use a 3D secure payment gateway over secure socket layer to collect our online payments. The credit card payment form is provided to you at the last step of your booking. Same link form is also accessible through your password protected account page. You may access your account page by clicking the Account link on top of the site. You will be promted to login. Your login details are sent to you via email at the last step of your booking. So please do check your spam folders in case our email falls in your spam folders.

You also have the option to pay by bank transfer; however it takes a while to process the payment and keep in mind that your transfer will not be confirmed until the payment is processed.

Are the prices per person or per vehicle?

Our system determines the right vehicle for the number of passengers selected. This means that if you select four passengers, the system will recommend a four-seater vehicle. However, if you select 5 passengers, the system recommends a 6-seater vehicle. Fares are per vehicle, not per passenger. There is no discount for children as the vehicle is designated by the required seats for the total number of passengers.

I cannot find a route I want to book. What to do?

If you cannot find the exact location, enter the closest location. Then enter the exact location details in the notes section. However, if you are unsure, please Contact Us.

Can I book a transfer with more than one stop?

We have developed a special booking engine that allows you to add routes to your transfers. To book a multi-stop transfer, please visit our Tailor Made Page

Before you travel

How do I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your reservation by submitting a cancellation request from the dashboard. You will need to enter your email address and password to access the dashboard. Once you complete your booking, you can find your password in the first email our system sends to you. Please read our cancellation policy.

What baggage qualifications do I have?

Vehicles can usually carry one large suitcase and one small suitcase per person. However, if you have excess baggage, please let us know in advance to avoid space issues at the airport.

Do you provide Child Seats?

Both NO and Yes! While child and infant seats are given out for free, we are unable to guarantee their delivery for operational reasons. We will deliver them as promised 99.9% of the time, however occasionally, due to exigencies, we have to switch cars in between scheduled transfers and during these changes, we are unable to swap child seats and must arrive at the pick-up site without one. Not to add that we can't accommodate every request if it falls within the same time slot because we only have a certain amount of kid seats available. Just make a note of it when you schedule your transfer!

Where will I meet the driver when I arrive? What if I can't find him?

Our driver is in the exit lounge at the airport with a piece of paper with your name on it. Don't panic if your name doesn't appear when you're out. He may just be parking the car. Please take a closer look. If you still can't see your name after a few minutes, call or Whatsapp text the 24-hour emergency number listed on the transfer slip.

What happens if my flight is delayed? Do I get charged extra?

We are constantly monitoring flight schedules. If you provide us with accurate flight information, we will monitor your flight and drive to the airport accordingly. If your flight information is incorrect, we will still be waiting for you free of charge at the airport. However, be sure to check your flight information before sending so we don't have to wait for unnecessary hours at the airport. It is your responsibility to notify us of any flight changes. Also, be sure to provide a mobile phone number that you can be contacted in Cyprus at the time of booking. Providing this mobile number will help us contact you if your flight is disrupted even if you are at the airport.

What are the visa procedures at crossing the border from South to North and vice versa?

This process can take up to 10 minutes, depending on the number of vehicles and passengers crossing the border at that time. Any EU passport holder can easily cross the border at any border crossing point. Non-EU passport holders can only cross the border at the intersection of Kermia and Ledra Crossings.

If my luggage gets lost, will you collect it for me when it arrives later?

All airlines have handlers to carry lost luggage to their owners. In this case, your parcel will be delivered to you by the handling agent.

My group size has changed, can I choose another vehicle?

If your group size or destination needs to change, please notify us immediately by email or by our contact form

How long will the transfer take?

Please see below for rough durations of transfers. These are subjected to change with current traffic conditions

  • Ercan to Kyrenia: 45 minutes
  • Ercan to Famagusta: 45 minutes
  • Ercan To Bafra: 1 hour
  • Ercan To Lefkosa: 30 minutes
  • Larnaca to Kyrenia: 1 hours 20 minutes
  • Paphos to Kyrenia: 2 hours 45 minutes

Special Situations

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your booking and receive full refund if you cancel 24 hours before your arrival. All cancellation requests must be made through your dashboard. If you cancel your booking at any time after that you would be charged a cancellation fee which is 20 % of the total amount.

What happens if I miss my plane?

If you miss your flight, please let us know immediately. We will change pickup to next flight at no additional charge.

Account Management

How do I access my dashboard?

The dashboard is a password-protected area where you can review, modify, and cancel your reservation. You can also print electronic receipts and vouchers from the dashboard. To access the dashboard, you need to authenticate with your email address and password. Access data will be emailed at the end of the booking process. If you loose your details, you may request your password to be sent to your email address at any time.

About Us

What type and make are your vehicles?

We have a wide range of vehicles, from Mercedes Benz taxis to Mercedes Benz vans to Mercedes Benz sprinters. The four-seater is the Mercedes-Benz 220 sedan, and the seven-seater is the Mercedes-Benz Vito and Viano. Our 12-seater is a Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

Is your company fully licensed and insured?

We have a full license and insurance to do business in both South and Northern Cyprus.